Weldtite Wheel Non Quick Release Nuts Axles Standard Size 3/8″ 9.5mm


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Secure Fit for Your Wheels: Enhance your biking experience with the Wheel Non Quick Release Nuts. These nuts feature integral serrated washers that rotate independently, ensuring a secure and stable fit for your wheels.

Versatile 3/8 Common Size: Designed for convenience, these nuts come in a 3/8 common size, suitable for both front and rear wheels on a variety of bikes. Enjoy the flexibility of a standard size that fits seamlessly into your cycling routine.

Premium Quality Chromium Plated Steel: Crafted from high-quality chromium-plated steel, these track nuts not only provide durability but also add a touch of sophistication with their silver finish. Trust in the strength and resilience of top-notch materials.

Supplied as a Pair: Your convenience is our priority. The Wheel Non Quick Release Nuts come with a pair, offering a complete solution for both wheels. No need to search for separate pieces.

Trusted Brand – Weldtite: Rest assured with the Weldtite brand. Known for reliability and performance, Weldtite brings you these track nuts as part of their commitment to quality cycling accessories.

Metal Construction for Longevity: The Wheel Non Quick Release Nuts are made of sturdy metal, ensuring longevity and robust performance. Invest in a product that stands the test of time and keeps your wheels securely in place.

Sleek Silver Finish – 3/8 Tracknuts: Add a touch of style to your bike with the sleek silver finish of these 3/8 tracknuts. Elevate both the form and function of your wheels with this practical and aesthetically pleasing accessory.

Additional information

Weight 100 g





Integral serrated washers which revolve independently of the track nut


3/8 Common size for front and rear wheels on many bikes"


High quality chromium plated steel track nuts


Supplied as a Pair


Brand : Weldtite


Material : Metal


Quantity : 1pc


Colour : Silver


3/8 tracknuts"


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