Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Lightweight Sealant 1 Litre


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  • Tubeless Tires: Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Lightweight Sealant is Designed for tubeless tires, no need for inner tubes. Rely on sealant for puncture protection.
  • Sealant Function: Prevents flats by sealing small punctures inside the tire. Creates a protective layer against thorns, glass, and sharp objects.
  • Puncture Protection: Shields against thorns, glass, and debris for reliable flat prevention.
  • Easy Application: Remove the valve core, and inject sealant through the valve with the provided tool. Simple process, no tire removal is required.
  • Maintenance: To maintain ongoing effectiveness, it is important to refresh the sealant regularly, ensuring consistent puncture protection and tire performance.
  • Versatility: This Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Lightweight Sealant is suitable for a wide range of cycling applications, including mountain biking, road cycling, and gravel riding, thanks to its compatibility with tubeless-compatible tires across various bike types.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g





Environmentally friendly water based formula


Also for use on trailers, etc., golf carts, wheelbarrows


Suitable for Schrader type and other valves with removable cores


Core removal tool included with easy applicator nozzle


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