Weldtite Quick Release Skewer Springs (Pack of 2) For Bike Bicycle


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  • Enhanced Bike Performance: Upgrade your bike’s quick release skewer system with the Weldtite Quick Release Skewer Springs. These springs actively contribute to improved performance and functionality.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, these skewer springs boast a robust build. The sturdy construction ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for your bike’s quick release mechanism.
  • Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with these skewer springs. The straightforward design and construction make it easy for cyclists of all levels to enhance their bike’s quick release system without complications.
  • Optimal Fit: The pack of 2 skewer springs is designed to provide an optimal fit for your bike’s quick release mechanism. This ensures a secure and efficient performance, adding value to your cycling experience.
  • Cyclist-Friendly Design: Weldtite prioritizes cyclist convenience. The design of these quick release skewer springs focuses on user-friendly features, making them an ideal choice for cyclists looking to enhance their bike’s functionality effortlessly.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g





Pack of 2 x replacement quick release skewer springs


High Quality


Color: Black


Quantity: 2


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