Schwalbe Addix Smart Sam Performance (Wired) 20 x 2.35″


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  1. Versatile Traction: Schwalbe Addix Smart Tyre 20 x 2.35″ Addix Performance compound ensures dependable grip across diverse terrains.
  2. Sturdy Wired Construction: The wired bead design offers stability and robustness for confident rides.
  3. Optimized Size: Schwalbe Addix Smart Tyre 20 x 2.35″ Tailored for 20-inch wheels, striking a balance between agility and control.
  4. Smart Sam Tread Pattern: Balances low rolling resistance with effective traction for versatile performance.
  5. Durable Performance Build: Crafted with performance-grade materials for enhanced durability without sacrificing overall performance.
  6. Improved Handling: Experience enhanced control and handling during your rides with the Smart Sam Performance tire.
  7. Reliable Companion: The Schwalbe Addix Smart Sam Performance Wired tire in 20 x 2.35″ ensures reliability, performance, and control for varied riding experiences.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g





Every rubber compound is made up of natural and synthetic rubbers


The quality of all these raw materials determines whether a tyre will be outstanding or just mediocre


high-quality raw materials and extensive testing


A good formula requires highly specialised expertise


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