KranX Tubeless Rim Tape – Secure and Durable Seal for Your Tubeless Tires 21mm


KranX Tubeless Rim Tape is designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting seal for your tubeless tires. With options for various widths, it ensures excellent pressure resistance.

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When it comes to setting up your tubeless tires. Also trust the reliability of KranX Tubeless Rim Tape. This essential accessory is designed to guarantee a secure and durable seal. Also ensuring that your tubeless tires perform at their best.

Key Features:

  • 10m Length: Each roll of KranX Tubeless Rim Tape provides you with 10 meters of tape. Also giving you enough for multiple tire installations.
  • Workshop-Sized Rolls: For workshops and professional use, we offer larger 50m rolls, ensuring you always have enough tape on hand for your customers’ needs.
  • Different Widths Available: KranX offers rim tape in various widths, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your rims. This ensures an optimal seal for your specific tire and rim combination.
  • Excellent Pressure Resistance: Our rim tape is built to withstand high tire pressures, preventing air leakage and maintaining tire integrity during your rides.

Additional information

Weight 100 g





10m length


Different widths available


Designed to guarantee excellent pressure resistance and durability


High Quality


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