KMC B1 Narrow Chain Bicycle Bike Single Speed Nickel Plated 112 links Silver


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  1. Size: The KMC B1 Narrow Chain has a width of 1/2 inch and a thickness of 3/32 inch. These measurements are important for compatibility with the chainring, cassette, and derailleur on the bicycle.
  2. Length: The chain consists of 112 links. The length of a bicycle chain can vary depending on the size of the bike and the desired gearing setup. You may need to cut the chain to the appropriate length for your specific bike.
  3. Color: The chain is silver in color, which is a common color choice for bicycle chains.
  4. Construction: It has a bushed construction. This refers to the design of the chain’s inner components, which can affect its durability and smoothness of operation.
  5. Plating: The chain is nickel-plated. Nickel plating provides a layer of corrosion resistance and can improve the overall longevity of the chain.
  6. Compatibility: The chain is designed for use with KMC 5-6 speed non-index derailleur systems. This means it is suitable for bikes with 5 or 6-speed rear derailleurs and is likely not compatible with higher-speed drivetrains due to its specific width.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2.5 cm





KMC 5-6 speed non index derailleur systems


Bushed Construction


Nickel Plated


Colour: Silver


1/2" X 3/32"


112 Links


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