Zefal Deflector Front & Rear Mudguard Set Specially Designed For Mountain Biking Fit Perfectly & Easy To Install


Discover the Zefal Deflector Front & Rear Mudguard Set, expertly crafted for mountain biking, offering a perfect fit, and hassle-free installation.

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Zefal Deflector Front & Rear Mudguard Set: Unbeatable Protection for Mountain Biking Adventures.

Exceptional Protection:

  • The Zefal front & rear mudguard set provide excellent protection, even on the most rugged terrain, ensuring that mud, dirt, and debris do not splatter all over you and your bike.

Tailored for Mountain Biking:

  • Crafted specifically for mountain biking, these mudguards take into account the unique needs of off-road riders. They’re prepared to handle the toughest conditions.

Easy Installation:

  • Installing these mudguards is a breeze, allowing you to spend more time riding and less time tinkering with your gear.
  • Get ready for your ride quickly and hassle-free.

Universal Compatibility:

  • The Deflector mudguards are compatible with all kinds of forks, making them a versatile choice for mountain bikers with various bike setups.

Robust Construction:

  • Crafted from high-quality Fibre-glass polypropylene & Technopolymer, these mudguards are built to last. They adds durability, ensuring they can withstand the challenges of the trail.


  • Blade Width: From 60 to 73mm.
  • Wheel Dia: 26″,27.5″,29″.
  • Pair Weight: 486g.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g





MD Fix System – universal mounting system with accurate setting and double adjustment


Full Suspension Ready – perfectly adapted to all types of suspension bikes


Made from fibre-glass reinforced polypropylene


Optimal protection for 27.5" and 29"


Perfect adjustment for any bike


Dimensions: 585 x 81 x 92mm


Up to 3.0" fitting


Weight: 341g


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