Clarks Elite VRS813 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads For Avid BB7/juicy Spring


Enhance braking with Clarks Elite VRS813 Semi-Metallic Pads for Avid BB7/Juicy. Durable, Kevlar-reinforced, and excellent in wet conditions.

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  • The Clarks Elite VRS813 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads, are specifically engineered for the demands of freeride and downhill cycling. These pads offer 35-45% more durability than standard sintered pads, making them a robust choice for intense biking activities.

High-Efficiency Design

  • Clarks’ semi-metallic compound ensures high effectiveness. The pads are Kevlar-reinforced to enhance frictional properties, providing superior stopping power. This reinforcement makes the pads ideal for high-stress biking environments where reliable braking is critical.

Optimal Wet Performance

  • The addition of ceramic in the pad composition ensures high performance even in wet conditions. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistent braking efficiency in diverse weather situations, enhancing rider safety and control.

Advanced Cooling Technology

  • A ‘grooved’ backing plate design improves airflow between the piston and the pad. This innovation keeps the brake system cooler, ensuring consistent performance even during extended use, a key factor in demanding downhill and freeride scenarios.

Compatibility with Avid Systems

  • These top-performance brake pads are compatible with Avid Juicy 3, 5.7, and Ultimate brake systems, as well as Clarks CMD-15. This broad compatibility makes them a versatile replacement option for various bike models.

Ideal Material Composition

  • The mixture of copper and ceramic in these pads ensures perfect performance during both low and high-speed braking. This composition balances durability with responsiveness, providing an optimal braking experience.

Perfect Replacement Choice

  • The Clarks Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are ideal for replacing old or worn-out disc brake pads. They offer a significant upgrade in terms of performance and durability, making them a wise choice for serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.

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Clarks’ semi metallic compound disc brakes are 35-45% more durable than standard sintered pads, Engineered around the requirements for free ride and downhill cycling


They’re also highly effective: these brakes are Kevlar-reinforced to increase the frictional qualities, while the addition of ceramic means high performance even in wet conditions


In addition a ‘grooved’ backing plate improves the airflow between the piston and the pad, keeping the brake system cooler and performance consistent.


5.7 and ultimate brake systems, This top-performance model is compatible with Avid Juicy 3


Material : Mixed copper & ceramic for perfect performance during low & high speed


It's ideal for replacing your old or worn out existing disc brake pads.


Compatibility – Clarks CMD-15.


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