Clarks VX828C / VRX828C Hayes GX-2 / MX-2 / MX-4 Sole Disc Pads Carded Sintered


Clarks Sintered Disc Pads for Hayes GX-2, MX-2, MX-4 – enhanced friction, durability, and performance in wet and dry conditions. 1 pair included.

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Enhanced Braking: Clarks Hayes Disc Pads

  • Elevate your cycling with Clarks VX828C / VRX828C Hayes GX-2, MX-2, and MX-4 Sole Disc Pads, designed for superior efficiency and durability.

VX Organic: For Everyday Riders

  • The VX Organic pads are crafted to provide the best performance under normal conditions. Their organic compound reduces noise and increases bite, making them ideal for general use. Recommended for mechanical systems, these pads offer a smooth and responsive braking experience.

VRX Sintered: Engineered for Extreme Conditions

  • For cyclists who take on challenging trails, competitions, and downhilling, the VRX sintered pads are the ideal choice. With increased carbon content, these pads are designed to withstand extreme conditions and prolonged use, especially suitable for hydraulic systems.

VRS Elite: Competitive Edge

  • The VRS Elite pads, reinforced with Kevlar, are designed to increase frictional properties, providing an edge in competitive settings. Their ceramic components improve efficiency in wet conditions, while the copper ensures consistent braking at various speeds. The innovative back plate design enhances heat dissipation and reduces weight, contributing to over 35% better performance than standard pads.

Wide Compatibility

  • Compatible with Hayes GX-2, MX-2, and MX-4 Sole systems, these pads offer versatility for various bike models. Whether upgrading your bike or as a professional mechanic, Clarks Hayes Disc Pads provide a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing your bike’s braking system.

Ideal for Diverse Cycling Needs

  • Whether you’re an everyday cyclist or a competitive racer, Clarks Disc Pads provide the reliability and performance required for all types of cycling experiences. Their superior design and compatibility make them a reliable upgrade for enhanced braking in all conditions.

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Clarks VX828C / VRX828C Hayes GX-2 / MX-2 / MX-4 Sole Disc Pads Carded Sintered

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Compatible Hayes GX-2 / MX-2/ MX-4 Sole.


Compatible Hayes GX-2 / MX-2/ MX-4 Sole.






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