Clarks Elite Mtb/Hybrid V Brakepads integral Block W/Dual Compound Shoe 72mm


Enhance your bike’s braking with Clarks Elite V Brakepads. Designed for MTB/Hybrid bikes with dual compound pads for wet and dry conditions. Fits linear pull brakes.

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Purpose-Built Performance

  • Clarks Elite V-Brake Pads 72mm are purpose designed to deliver top notch braking power and consistency while effectively clearing dirt from the rim.

Dual Compound Design

  • The Clarks Elite V-Brake Pads 72mm feature a dual compound design, making them ideal for various riding conditions.

Compatibility and Installation

  • These brake pads are suitable for linear-pull brakes with threaded posts, making them a versatile choice for MTB and hybrid bikes.

Easy and Effective

  • Installing Clarks Elite V Brakepads on your bike is a straightforward process, and they provide a significant improvement in your bike’s braking performance. Say goodbye to worries about inconsistent braking and enjoy a safer and more controlled ride.

Upgrade Your Braking

  • Enhance your MTB/Hybrid bike’s braking performance with Clarks Elite V Brakepads. Designed with a focus on purpose-built performance, dual compound design, and compatibility with linear pull brakes, these brake pads will elevate your riding experience. Enjoy reliable and efficient stopping power in various riding conditions.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 35 cm





Specifically designed for purpose, the Clarks range of Elite MTB/Hybrid pads and cartridges will ‘wipe’ dirt from the rim whilst delivering top performance braking power and consistency


Using CNC machined carriers combined with lightweight materials our brake pads will complement all of the top manufacturers braking systems whilst providing great stopping powe


Dual contour design 70mm brake pad


For linear pull brakes with threaded posts


Designed specifically for extreme wet conditions


Top performance on dry & wet rims


Quantity: 1 Pair


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