Clarks VX865C Clarks CMD-19, Clarks CMD-20, Clarks CMD-21 Disc Pads (carded)


Clarks CMD Disc Pads VX865C: Organic for enthusiasts, sintered for trail, elite for competition. Compatible with CMD-19/20/21. 1 pair included.

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Enhanced Braking: Clarks CMD Disc Pads

Elevate your cycling experience with Clarks VX865C Disc Pads, compatible with CMD-19, CMD-20, CMD-21, and designed for optimal performance.

VX Organic for Everyday Riders

  • Offering improved noise reduction and increased bite.
  • Ideal for mechanical systems, it’s perfect for regular riders seeking a balance of performance and comfort.

VRX Sintered for Extreme Conditions

  • For those who push their limits on trails, in competitions, or downhilling.
  • The VRX sintered pads are the go-to choice. With enhanced carbon content.
  • These pads deliver maximum performance under the most demanding conditions and are recommended for hydraulic systems.

VRS Elite for Competitive Edge

  • They offer increased frictional properties, improved efficiency in wet conditions thanks to ceramic properties, and maintain consistent braking at all speeds.
  • The back plate design enhances heat dissipation and reduces weight, leading to durability and performance that surpass standard pads.

Wide Compatibility

  • These pads are specifically designed for compatibility with Clarks CMD-19, CMD-20, and CMD-21 systems.
  • Ensuring they meet a wide range of biking requirements.

Reliable and Durable

  • Clarks’ commitment to quality means these pads are not only reliable but also durable, offering superior performance compared to standard pads.
  • Whether you’re a daily commuter, weekend warrior, or competitive racer, these pads provide the reliability and performance you need.

Pack Contents

  • This package includes one pair of Clarks CMD Disc Pads VX865C, ready for installation and enhancing your biking experience with improved braking efficiency and control.

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Clarks CMD-19, Clarks CMD-20, Clarks CMD-21


Quantity: 1 Pair


Brand: Clarks


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