Clarks MTB BMX Hybrid Mountain Road Bike Brake Cable Outer Casing Housing 30m


Clarks MTB/BMX/Road Bike Brake Cable Housing: 30m of durable, black outer casing in a user-friendly dispenser box, ideal for custom sizing.

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High-Quality Brake Housing: Clarks MTB/BMX Cable

  • Upgrade your bike’s braking system with Clarks MTB BMX Hybrid Mountain Road Bike Brake Cable Outer Casing Housing.

Durable and Convenient Design

  • Contained in a durable card dispenser box, the housing comes with 30 meters of cable housing.
  • The central wheel design ensures easy unwinding from the box and allows precise cutting to the required length for your bike.

Versatile for Multiple Bike Types

  • This 2P type brake cable housing is versatile and suitable for various bikes, including MTB, BMX, hybrid, and road bikes.
  • Its adaptability makes it a valuable component for both personal bike maintenance and professional bike shops.

Efficient Length for Multiple Uses

  • With a total length of 30 meters, this brake cable housing is ideal for handling multiple bike repairs or custom setups.
  • The generous length provides great value and reduces the need for frequent restocking.

Sleek Black Aesthetic

  • Designed in a classic black color, the housing not only looks sleek but also complements any bike design.
  • This aesthetic appeal is matched by its functional excellence.

Easy to Use

  • The user friendly design of the dispenser box and the ease of cutting the housing to size make.
  • This product is a convenient choice for both amateur cyclists and professional mechanics.
  • Whether upgrading your bike or managing a busy workshop, Clarks Brake Cable Housing is essential for efficient and effective brake maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 100 g





Each dispenser box is constructed of highly durable card and contains 30 meters of housing wrapped around a central wheel so that they can be easily decanted from the box and cut to size.




2P Type


30 Meters


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