Clarks Bicycle Standard C8 Mountain Bike 8 Speed Chain MTB Bicycle Cycle


Upgrade your ride with Clarks C8 8-Speed Chain. Durable, light, and compatible with major gearing systems. Enhance your cycling experience today.

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Explore the superior range of chains by Clarks, designed to meet the needs of every rider. The Clarks Bicycle Standard C8 8-Speed Chain stands out for its durability, compatibility, and top-notch performance.

Key Features

  • Extensive Chain Range: Clarks offers an extensive range of chains catering to all types of riders, from high-performance 8-11 speed self-lubricating chains to half-link single-speed chains.
  • Superior Resistance to Stretch: All Clarks chains, including the C8, have proven superior resistance to stretch. This minimizes wear on drive train contact surfaces, ensuring accurate shifting for an extended period.
  • Value for Money: A solid performer, the C8 chain offers riders a good value for money product that seamlessly works with hybrid gear systems on both MTB and road bikes.
  • Light and Super Rigid: Despite its lightness, the C8 chain is super rigid, providing maximum efficiency during rides.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with major gearing systems, ensuring versatility and ease of integration into various bike setups.
  • Top Performance and Extreme Durability: The C8 chain delivers top-notch performance and is extremely durable, withstanding the rigors of diverse cycling conditions.
  • No of Speed: 8 Speed: Specifically designed for 8-speed systems, providing smooth and reliable shifting.
  • Material: Steel: Crafted from durable steel, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience

Upgrade your cycling experience with the Clarks Bicycle Standard C8 8-Speed Chain. Whether you ride on trails or roads, this chain offers durability, compatibility, and top performance. Its resistance to stretch ensures prolonged accurate shifting, making it a solid choice for riders seeking value for money.

Additional information

Weight 100 g





catering for the requirements of all types of riders., Clarks range of chains is extensive


all have proven superior resistance to stretch., From high performance, narrow 8-11 speed self lubricating chains through to half link single speed chains


This results in less wear to all drive train contact surfaces so maintaining accurate shifting for longer


A solid performer, this chain offers the rider a good value for money product that will work with all hybrid gear systems on MTB and road bikes.


Light, yet super rigid giving maximum efficiency


Compatible with the major gearing systems


Top performance and extremely durable


No of Speed : 8 Speed


Material : Steel


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