Schwalbe Marathon Plus SmartGuard Rigid Tyre Puncture Resistant MTB-Tyre


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  1. MTB Performance: Rigid Tyre Puncture Resistant Specifically designed for Mountain Biking, offering reliable performance on off-road trails.
  2. SmartGuard Technology: Features advanced SmartGuard puncture protection for enhanced durability and worry-free rides.
  3. Rigid Construction: Robust and durable build ensures stability and longevity, ideal for rugged MTB terrains.
  4. Puncture Resistant: SmartGuard layer provides exceptional resistance against punctures, maintaining tire integrity.
  5. Optimal Traction: Tread pattern optimized for off-road conditions, delivering excellent grip and control on varied trails.
  6. All-Weather Capability: Rigid Tyre Puncture Resistant Engineered to perform consistently in different weather conditions, making it suitable for year-round MTB adventures.
  7. Trusted Brand: Schwalbe is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality and innovative cycling accessories.

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Weight 1000 g





The most puncture resistant MTB-tire is now approved for fastE-Bikes.


On the central ribs it rolls easily over hardpaths, while strong outer lugs give great offroad traction. The SmartGuardprovides superior puncture protection.


5 mm thick SmartGuard layer, has a significant advantage in rolling resistance, The patented, when compared to all generic products


. Recycling. Also in the SmartGuard, we use a proportion of recycled rubber from old latex products.


t now lasts much longer before developing unsightly cracks when subjected to use with insufficient air pressure.


Due to its great properties, Marathon Plus is the best choice for E-Bikes (E-25).


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