KMC S1 BMX Wide Chain Single Speed For Internal Gear Hub 1/2″ X 1/8″ – 112 Links


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  1. S1 Wide 1/8 Chain 112L: This appears to be the model or type of the bicycle chain. “KMC S1 BMX Wide Chain” suggests it may be a wider chain for single-speed or internal gear hub bicycles. “1/8” likely refers to the chain width, which is a common size for single-speed and internal gear hub chains. “112L” indicates the chain length, with 112 links.
  2. 1/2″ X 1/8″ – 112 Links: This specifies the width and length of the chain. The KMC S1 BMX Wide Chain has a 1/2-inch pitch and a 1/8-inch width. This is typical for single-speed and internal gear hub chains. The chain consists of 112 links in total.
  3. Pin Length 8.6mm: This provides information about the length of the chain pins. The pins are the cylindrical components that connect the chain links. In this case, the chain has pins with a length of 8.6mm.
  4. For Internal Gear Hub / Single Speed: This indicates the intended use of the chain. It’s designed for use with bicycles that have an internal gear hub (a type of gearing system within the rear hub) or single-speed bikes. Chains for these applications are typically wider and more robust than those used on multi-speed derailleur-equipped bikes.
  5. Silent Action: This phrase suggests that the chain may operate quietly. Chains designed for silent action often have special features or coatings to reduce noise while pedaling.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 2.5 cm





or any single speed drivetrain., The KMC S1 is a single-speed chain suitable for use with internally geared hubs


Inner plate chamfering helps to provide fast and smooth shifting


High pin power with reinforced durability


1/8" (Inner), Chain Width: 9.3mm (Outer)


Chain Connector: Master Link (Reusable)


1/2" X 1/8"- 112 Links, pin length 8.6mm


Internal gear hub system compatible


For Internal gear hub / single speed


Offers a quieter riding experience


Speeds: Single Speed


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