Clarks VX828C MTB Bike Bicycle Cycle Disc Brake Pads for Hayes MX2/4/sole


Upgrade your mountain bike’s braking with Clarks VX828C MTB Disc Brake Pads. These organic pads are compatible with Hayes MX2, MX4, and Sole.

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Upgrade Your MTB Braking with Clarks VX828C MTB Disc Brake Pads

Enhanced Performance

  • Elevate your mountain biking experience with Clarks VX828C MTB Disc Brake Pads.
  • Specifically designed for optimal performance under normal conditions, these brake pads are the perfect choice for riders seeking improved braking efficiency.

Organic Compound

  • Clarks VX828C brake pads feature an organic compound that offers several advantages.
  • First, it enhances noise reduction, ensuring a quieter ride. Second, it provides increased ‘bite,’ translating to more responsive braking in general use.
  • Whether you’re tackling challenging trails or cruising through less demanding terrain, these pads have you covered.


  • These high-quality organic brake pads are compatible with Hayes GX-2, MX-2, MX-4, and Sole brake systems.
  • This wide compatibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of Clarks’ enhanced braking performance on your mountain bike.

Recommended for Mechanical Systems

  • Clarks recommends these VX828C brake pads for use with mechanical brake systems.
  • They are engineered to deliver reliable stopping power and consistent performance for riders who rely on mechanical braking setups.

Upgrade Your Braking Performance

  • Don’t compromise on safety and control when it comes to your mountain bike’s brakes.
  • Upgrade to Clarks VX828C MTB Disc Brake Pads and experience improved noise reduction, increased ‘bite,’ and enhanced overall braking performance.
  • Elevate your riding experience by upgrading your mountain bike with Clarks VX828C MTB Disc Brake Pads. Enjoy smoother stops, increased confidence, and a quieter ride on your next trail adventure.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 35 cm





Specifically designed to give the best performance under normal conditions.


The organic compound gives improved noise reduction as well as increased ‘bite’ in general use


Recommended for use with Mechanical Systems.


Compatible : Hayes GX-2 / MX-2/ MX-4 Sole


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