CP250 -50mm Integral Brake Block Integral Caliper Brakepads for Shimano Clarks


Optimize braking with Clarks CP250 Integral Brake Block, 50mm, for Shimano. High and low-speed performance, suitable for MTB, Road, and BMX. Rubber material

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  • The Clarks CP250 Integral Brake Block, expertly designed for Shimano caliper brake systems.
  • These 50mm brake pads are perfect for riders who demand top-notch performance, whether on MTB, road, or BMX bikes.

Versatile Compatibility

  • Clarks’ commitment to compatibility is evident in these brake pad.
  • As they are designed to work seamlessly with all major manufacturers’ braking systems and rim materials.
  • This versatility makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of cyclists.

Elite Performance Compounds

  • The CP250 pads utilize Clarks Elite compounds, renowned for their unrivalled braking performance at both high and low speeds.
  • This feature ensures reliable stopping power in various riding conditions, providing you with safety and confidence.

Comprehensive Range for All Riding Styles

  • Clarks offers a comprehensive range of rubber brake pads to cater to all riding styles.
  • These CP250 pads are a testament to their dedication to serving cyclists across different disciplines.

Integral Caliper Brake Holder

  • Designed with an integral caliper brake holder, these pads ensure a secure and stable fit.
  • This design contributes to the overall efficiency of your braking system, enhancing your bike’s performance.

Durable and Reliable

  • Made from high-quality rubber, the CP250 brake pads are not only durable but also provide consistent braking performance.
  • Their black color adds a sleek look to your bike’s aesthetic.

Ideal for Diverse Cycling Needs

  • Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, a road racing enthusiast, or enjoy BMX riding, the Clarks Integral Brake Pads are an essential upgrade.
  • They combine quality, performance, and versatility, making them a top choice for cyclists seeking to enhance their biking experience.

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CP250 -50mm Integral Brake Block Integral Caliper Brakepads for Shimano Clarks

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