Clarks Clout1 MTB Hybrid Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake Two Piston 160mm


Upgrade your bike with Clarks Clout1 Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake, two pistons, 160mm, for MTB/Hybrid. High performance, lightweight, with lever adjustment.

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  • The Clarks Clout1 MTB Hybrid Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake is a system that offers the performance of a higher-end brake at an entry-level price. This brake system is perfect for riders seeking power and consistency without breaking the bank.

Superior Quality and Reliability

  • Despite its affordability, Clout1 maintains superb quality and reliability. It features a two-piston caliper combined with a well-designed, compact lever assembly. The reach adjustment functionality ensures each rider’s comfortable and customized braking experience.

Lightweight with Stainless Steel Rotors

  • The brake system is lightweight yet robust, featuring stainless steel rotors. This construction enhances the bike’s overall efficiency and ensures durability and dependable stopping power.

Versatile Mounting Options

  • Clout1 is compatible with both International Standard and Post Mount setups, offering versatility in fitting different bike models. This flexibility makes it a popular choice for a wide range of MTB and hybrid bicycles.

Enhanced Control with Lever Reach Adjustment

  • The lever reach adjustment allows riders to tailor the brake lever’s position to their preference, ensuring greater control and comfort during rides.

Mineral Oil Fluid for Smooth Operation

  • Utilizing mineral oil fluid, the Clout1 brake system offers smooth and responsive braking. This type of fluid is known for its consistency and low maintenance requirements.

Ideal for MTB and Hybrid Bikes

  • The Clarks Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake is an ideal upgrade for mountain and hybrid bikes. Its combination of performance, design, and affordability makes it a top choice for cyclists who value quality and effective braking systems.

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all at a price that is designed to compete with entry level bikes., consistency and feel, providing the rider with greater power, The CLOUT hydraulic brake system has the capability of a much higher end brake in the market


CLOUT maintains superb quality and reliability even at this lower price point. CLOUT mineral oil brake features a 2 piston calliper and small well designed lever assembly with reach adjustment.


Lightweight brake system with stainless steel rotors


International standard and Post mount fit


Lever reach adjustment


Mineral oil fluid


IS mount – Rear 160mm


Colour: Black


Quantity: 1 Piece


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