Clarks Ergonomic City Grips With Locking Rings (CE315)


Improve your cycling comfort with Clarks CE315 City Grips, ergonomic design with palm support and locking rings. Durable thermo plastic resin, 135mm.

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  • The Clarks Ergonomic City Bike Grips with Locking Rings, a perfect upgrade for city bikers seeking enhanced comfort and control.
  • These grips are designed to cater to the needs of urban cyclists, providing a blend of ergonomic support and practicality.

Ergonomic Design for Palm Support

  • The two-tone ergonomic design of these grips ensures optimal palm support, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long rides.
  • This feature is particularly beneficial for city cyclists who navigate busy streets and require a comfortable grip for better handling.

Integrated Single Side Lock Rings

  • These grips come with integrated single side lock rings, ensuring a secure fit on your bike’s handlebars.
  • The locking rings prevent the grips from rotating or slipping, providing a stable and reliable hold for safer riding.

Durable Thermo Plastic Resin

  • Made from thermo plastic resin, the grips are not only durable but also resistant to wear and tear.
  • This material choice ensures that the grips can withstand the demands of daily city cycling, maintaining their shape and functionality over time.

Ideal Length for City Bikes

  • With a length of 135mm, these grips are ideally sized for city bikes.
  • The length is perfect for providing ample grip space while maintaining the bike’s sleek and compact design.

Perfect for Urban Cyclists

  • The Clarks Ergonomic City Bike Grips are ideal for cyclists who prioritize comfort and efficiency in their city riding experience.
  • Their ergonomic design, secure locking, and durable material make them a valuable addition to any urban bike.

Easy Installation

  • Designed for easy installation, these grips offer a quick and hassle-free upgrade to your city bike.
  • Their practical design and high-quality construction make them a popular choice among city cyclists.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g





Two tone ergonomic grip


With good palm support


Integrated single side lock rings


Thermo plastic resin


Length 135mm


Brand: Clark


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